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Mission statement


Deliver quality water and service within the district's boundaries at reasonable rates that allow the district to meet current and anticipated needs.

Provide water meeting or exceeding the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act's standards to all District customers.

District representatives will meet customer service need in a timely, professional, and courteous manner while providing a reliable water supply to all customers.

District will charge equitable rates for delivered water and services that recover operating costs and system maintenance, and permit such system enhancements as are necessary to deliver quality water and meet customer requirements.

Continually upgrade District's water system to better serve existing customers and incorporate system enhancements to meet anticipated customer needs, District growth, regulatory requirements, and to achieve greater operating efficiencies.

District will provide a safe workplace with policies that nurture employee's professional development. District is an equal opportunity employer.

District will operate in an environmentally responsible manner while meeting customer and community needs.


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