2. Register and verify your email address
3. Once you have verified your email address, go back to https://backflow.tecnxs.com and request access to Butler Rural Water 5 ,
4. When filling out the popup form to request access, type in "Butler Rural Water" without the quotes and select "Butler Rural Water #5" from the search results. 
5. Where it asks for proof of certification, upload a copy of your certification class or your current valid license from another water purveyor.
6. Click Request Access and then you will have to wait for RWD5 to approve your access. You will receive an email when RW5 has approved or denied your request. 

Butler Rural Water District # 5 works diligently to ensure safe, quality drinking water that is free from any contaminants. This effort begins with the protection of our source water and continues through the entire distribution system ending where you draw water from the faucets in your home or business

The cross-connection program helps ensure safe water for all customers on our system by protecting the water distribution system from contamination through cross-connections. By eliminating cross- connections, we assure all users on our system, regardless of where they are within the system, the same protection assurances of safe drinking water.

A cross-connection is any actual or potential connection between the public water supply and a possible source of contaminants. Lawn irrigation systems are cross-connections when they are connected directly to the District's water supply.

Under normal conditions, water flows directly from the District's water mains to your property. However, water pressure can suddenly drop due to high water usage when the water main breaks or fighting a fire in the water distribution system. This can create a vacuum in the water system, drawing liquid from an unprotected cross-connection into the water supply. This reversal in the direction of normal flow of water in a piping system is called backflow. Lawn irrigation systems are considered "high risk" cross-connections because backflow could introduce fertilizers, pesticides, and other lawn chemicals into the drinking water system.To prevent this and keep the water safe the District adopted the requirement that all lawn irrigation systems must be equipped with an approved backflow preventer.

Cross-Connections can be prevented by the use a of backflow preventer, which is a device that prevents contaminants from being drawn back into the safe drinking water supply. 

Outside frost-proof yard hydrants and movable hoses attached to threaded faucets should be equipped with a vacuum breaker, specifically if used in livestock applications.

The District's Cross-Connection Program is in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments, the State of Kansas Statutes 65-163a-b,65-171a-y and RWD#5 Cross-Connection Control Ordinance adopted January 8, 2002. The program requires that all backflow prevention devices be tested and inspected annually by a certified tester to ensure that the device is functioning properly. The test report must be provided to RWD#5 and retained on file for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment routine inspection.